Westland American Oak 700ml

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This is the flagship expression of Westland's American Single Malt Whiskey, aimed at expressing a "house style". Made from a mash bill of five different roasted and kilned barley malts, with the base being a pale malt grown in the state of Washington, a Belgian brewer's yeast introduces fruity esters during fermentation. Finally, maturing predominantly in the finest new American oak casks complements Master Distiller, Matt Hofmann's other choices contributing vanilla, caramel and coconut notes.

Tasting note: Bright deep brassy gold. Shy at first but builds with aromas of new-sawn American oak, biscuity malt, sweet spices (cinnamon / clove / vanilla) and in later passes an understated fresh-fruity edge. Beautifully rounded in the mouth, and with attractive sweet / dry balance. Mid-palate features fresh oak and hints of apple tart. Finish peaks with American oak input dovetailing with the brittle malt; there's vanilla, caramel and cocoa but the sugars are kept in check. Tremendous staying power. It's the ease with which this unfolds that sets it apart. Very polished. 46% Alc./Vol.