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A Word About The Vineyard
Positioned at an altitude of 300m on the eastern foothills of the Cluan Tier, surrounded by native forest and overlooking the beautiful Liffey Valley, our small vineyard is blessed with a unique micro-climate making it possible to grow wine grapes of the highest possible quality.
Protected by mountains and escarpments to the south and west and open to the north and east, we avoid most damaging winds and as we are serviced by katabatic breezes, we experience few severe frosts. Warm summer days and cool nights make for a long, slow and intense flavour development, with vintage in late April or early May.
Farmed using organic and biodynamic methods since 1991, our soils have no chemical history; our Pinot Noir vines are compost grown, hand tended and trained on a variation of the Geneva Double Curtain trellis system. Cape Grim (measured as the World s purest air) is to windward and we are first users of gravity fed water from a pristine mountain stream. In short, our growing technique, together with the exceptional quality of our soil, air and water, allows the production of what we believe to be the cleanest wine grapes possible.
Our wines are made with the least amount of sulphur (220) needed to avoid spoilage, aged for a year and held in the bottle for three months before being released. Please enjoy this unique wine.
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Red Variety:Pinot Noir