Octomore 14.3 700ml 61.4%

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The Islay barley used in Octomore 14.3, grown just two miles from the distillery on Octomore farm, delivers a cereal-forward single malt – celebrating the profound impact of the natural, raw ingredient and the renaissance of the farming community who grew it. Head Distiller, Adam Hannett, has expertly coaxed the flavour from the Islay barley in this high-provenance single malt. Matured in a combination of first-fill ex-American whiskey casks and second-fill wine casks, the oak influences but never dominates the grain - capturing the terroir and unique flavour of the Islay barley.

Aromas of hot, sweet mash are unmistakable on the nose, with the soft, biscuit notes of the malted barley complementing the earthy peat smoke. While smouldering peat lingers, creamy porridge and cereal notes of the Islay barley are balanced with butterscotch, honeycomb and a hint of vanilla. Octomore 14.3 demonstrates the extraordinary pursuit of flavour when combining super-heavy peat with the variable local harvests from its island home.

Like the 14.1 and 14.2 this whisky was aged for 5 years and distilled in 2017 from Concerto barley from the 2016 Scottish harvest, this whisky was matured in 50% First-fill ex-American whisky casks and 50% second-fill wine casks. Bottled at 61.4% and a whopping 214.2ppm.