Octomore 14.2 700ml 57.7%

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The Octomore series is an annual release from Bruichladdich distillery of super heavily peated whiskies. The series redefined what peated whisky could be; reaching unheard of levels of PPM (from grain readings), yet still producing fruity, balanced, delicious spirit. It takes its name from John Brown's Octomore farm, where the barley for each of the .3 releases is grown.

The Octomore .2s utilise alternative cask maturation - in the case of the 14.2, Oloroso, Amarone and Pauillac casks. The Octomore 12.2 was distilled in 2017 from a 2016 harvest of 100% Scottish grown Concerto barley. It was initially matured for 4 years in Oloroso (40%), 1st-fill Amarone (16%) and 2nd fill Amarone (44%) casks before spending a final 1 year in Pauillac wine casks. Bottled at 57.7% with a PPM of 128.9.