Hold Fast Dogs Watch Dry Gin

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The Dog's Watch Gin is a balanced London Dry Style Gin and its name has a two part meaning. The first that it is derived from the Navy Watch System 'Dog's Watch' which is from 1600-2000. The second has a very special meaning there is a Dog supporting and helping others; and if your very lucky you will have a Dog looking over you.

If you have not heard of MindDog Australia, they assist mental health sufferers to procure, train and certify psychiatric assistance dogs. These dogs assist people with mental health disorders whose lives are often severely compromised by anxiety and fear. With their mindDog they are able to travel on public transport, access public places and take part in social activities which have been closed off to them.

By purchasing this bottle, $5 of each sale is donated to MindDog to not only support Veterans, but other needy members of our community.

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