Headlands Distillery 'Illawarra Plum Cask Whisky' 700ml

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This whisky was made using the casks of the dearly departed Illawarra Plum spirit, a unique, locally harvested and barrel aged fruit liqueur from the earlier years of Headlands production. The result is a wild and unique spirit that is at its heart, a whisky, but carries deep flavour influences from the plum spirit. With only 399 bottles produced, this limited run celebrates some of the most unique spirit produced in the last few years.

"The release of this whisky was planned for many years. We patiently waited (sampling the cask each year) until it was brimming with complexity. It is a whisky which is much greater than the sum of its parts. We can’t wait to share a completely unique Australian native single malt, single cask whisky with you.

Tasting notes include a distinct bush tucker plum character, sugarbag honey, vanilla bean, caramel apple and subtle smoked oak"

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