Fortune Distillery Vietnamese Pho Gin 700ml

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Sum Yung Guys X 'Fortune Pho Gin.

Abv. 46% · 92 proof

Asian botanicals  fresh · clean

An iconic Noosa duo, Fortune Distillery and Sum Yung Guys have collaborated to  create a  unique Gin, showcasing the vibrance & creativity of the  restaurant  through the bold curated flavours of the distillery.  To find that Pho flavour we dove down the rabbit hole with fish sauce, the initial taste, and aroma. The inclusion of fish sauce is an  example of how much the boys like to joke around, underlying the bold yet humorous flavours that sit the basis of a good Pho. This Gin is designed with clean distinct flavours such as Spring Onion, Bean Shoots, Chilli, Seaweed, and for some meatiness, the inclusion of Porcini Mushrooms. Much like Pho we topped this behemoth spirit with a fresh herb salad, complimenting the alcoholic soup with a gorgeous freshness.

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