Cody Road Single Barrel Rye Whisky 750ml

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Buffalo Bill Cody was born in the small Iowa town of Le Claire in 1846. You ll find our distillery here on his namesake highway Cody Road. This whiskey enters the barrel at 96 proof, much lower than typical. The higher water content dissolves sugars quickly and makes for unique sweetness. After losing some alcohol during aging, we take this out of the barrel at 92 proof and into the bottle. Experience a rye unlike any other right here on Cody Road!

Grain bill

95% rye, 5% barley malt

Serving style

Easy sipping on the rocks or neat. Plenty of room for sweet and bitters in a classic Manhattan or Sazerac.

Tasting notes

Sweet and approachable with bright notes of apple, banana and pear. Followed with the tell tale spice of rye on the finish.