Voyer Cognac GC XO Gold 20-30yrs 40% CARAFE 700ml

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A rich, full of rancio, grape-to-bottle Cognac. Francois Voyer is a grower producer: he owns his vineyard and makes his Cognac entirely on his property. Francois Voyer vineyard is located in Grande Champagne, the 1er Cru de Cognac. Present on the finest tables of France, hailed by the specialized press as "among the best of the Grande Champagne", this producer reflects the history of a family, and the beauty of their vineyard. The XO Gold is called as such because it onlyreceived gold medals in every single competition it entered. Minimum 20 years old, all the way to 30 years old. EYE : amber, with a touch of old gold. NOSE : down among the flowers : touches of jasmine, clove , combined with peach and plums. The old maturation of this Cognac has given it its vanilla aroma and this light and sweet aroma that only an old Cognac has. PALATE: the outstanding point is probably the great elegance which is one of the major characteristics of the Premier Cru Grande Champagne, fully represented here by the delicacy of aromas as well as the subtlety of its palate. This cognac provides access to a single vineyard, quality "XO", very different from the blends of the bigger brands. A very special drnnk to keep the night going with family and friends.

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