Tumut Brewing Rose Gose Rose- Gose 5% Case 24

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One of the best parts of what we do is the people we get to build great relationships with. We met Kristin and Dino many years ago at a beer festival.

They took the time to tell us how much they loved our beers and when they open their new bar we’d have a place on their taps. Sure enough, they opened a great little place called Herbert’s at Evatt. We’ve become great mates and have enjoyed watching that business grow and blossom along with their family via the recent birth of their beautiful girl Rose.

For her first birthday we wanted to celebrate the only way we know how - by brewing a very special beer! Rose Gose Rosé is a rosé Gose, infusing spectacular Tea Journeys hibiscus and sunset blaze premium teas with Voyager Craft Malt and a pinch of Lake Eyre pink salt flakes! Pouring a gorgeous pink colour for a gorgeous baby girl.

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