Canberra Distillery Old George Reserve Whisky 500ml

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By the banks of Lake George, there’s an old
machinery shed. Where once were tractors and
fencing material, now barrels abound in orderly
rows. Whisky matures quickly in the scorching
summer months and when the cold inevitably returns,
it hibernates through the winter like a proper
Canberran. After several ebbs and flows of its
neighbouring lake, the whisky re-emerges, a little
older and much wiser.

Made with malted barley from the Riverina,
pot-distilled then laid down predominantly in Pedro
Ximenez barrels, to drink up the rich, fruity notes that
come from these sherry casks. A few select barrels
are from local wineries, adding complexity and
bitterness when it comes time to blend barrels.

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