Reservoir Bourbon whiskey 50% 750ml

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Their Bourbon is a one of a kind, 100% corn mash bill. While most bourbons have a rye component added to the bill for additional flavor, Reservoir trusts the full force of our local Charles City, Virginia corn, and the deep aging capacity of our small barrels to produce a bourbon that is unique to any other spirit available today.

This Bourbon is the most traditional of our house expressions. It boasts a beautiful midpoint balance of sweetness, lying somewhere between the soft signature of the Wheat and the sharp spice of the Rye. We feel it’s appealing to experienced whiskey hunters and the novice alike. If Mark Twain and Stewie Griffin sat side by side on barstools, this is what they would drink. Built to be bigger than the average Bourbon, our expression is bottled at 100-proof/50%ABV so that you can proof the spirit down to your potency preference.

Awarded Silver at 2021 SFWSC