Puni Alba

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ALBA is a winter whisky. The nose and taste has lovely aromas of dark fruit, plum jam and christmas spices. The first impression is very warm and engaging with the fruity flavours slowly giving way to aromas of pepper, nuts and herbs. All of these are complemented by a gentle mist of peat that engulfs the winey notes, but never becomes too overpowering.

This whisky is a harmonious combination of the rich & fruity flavours of Italy and the distinctive smoky character of the Scottish island.

age: 3 years
alcohol: 43%
casks: Marsala & Islay Scotch
flavour profile: dark fruit | peat | cloves

ALBA the Italian word for dawn, as well as the Scottish Gaelic name for Scotland is matured for three years in the finest Marsala casks from Sicily and finished in handselected casks from the Isle of Islay.

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