Potocki Lithuanian Tallgrass Vodka 500ml 40%

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In the sixteenth century, Sigismund I Jagie, Grand Duke of Lithuania and King of Poland, created a royal hunting reserve in the forests of Bia, thus protecting Polish bison for posterity. Tallgrass thrives in its cool and shaded meadows, hence its popular name of bison grass. It has been used to flavour vodka by Polish and Lithuanian nobility for centuries, and in the 1920s and 1930s, our family distillery in cut produced a bison vodka.

Botanicals: Its aromatic properties confer Lithuanian Tallgrass (lat. hierochloe odorata), a subtle sweet taste and a particularly fragrant aroma. In fact dried stems of tallgrass have traditionally been used in religious ceremonies, across many cultures. Hence hierochloe odorata translates from Latin as fragrant holy grass.

Production: Today, Lithuanian Tallgrass is produced by carefully macerating dried, hand picked blades for maximum flavour. A hint of spice enhances its naturally sweet aromas.

Potocki Lithuanian Tallgrass Vodka has naturally sweet aromatics and tastes as good as it smells, making it a versatile and enjoyable drink as well as cocktail ingredient.

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