Ironbark 313 Dry Gin

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Australian Gin Distillery Of The Year 2015 plus Silver and Gold for Wattleseed Gin and Dry Gin

Ironbark 313 Dry Gin is small batch distilled and has a scent and flavour like no other. Our secret is perfect proportions of carefully selected, minimal ingredients and a specialised filtering process, allowing it to retain the superb flavour profile achieved during distillation.

From humble beginnings, the dream to produce quality liquor became a lifestyle driven by “pride, passion and perfection”. This is testament to Ironbark distillery being more than the sum of its parts. This pride, passion and perfection became our slogan and we live by it.

Embracing the Australian lifestyle, with an alchemical background, they pride themselves on producing the highest quality spirits to satisfy even the most discerning connoisseur.

From the ingredients and equipment to their experienced operators, they strive for perfection using only quality Australian base materials.

Time is the purest element and with time comes quality. In time, they've perfected their processes.

In a world where time is such a rare commodity, Ironbark Distillery aims to create a range of spirits designed to steal back time. Spirits handcrafted and enjoyed with friends.

Whether sharing memories of times gone by or simply enjoying the present moment, when doing nothing is doing something, stealing back time.

So many of our icons have vanished or been relegated to sheds and attics. Comparable to the best spirits in the world, with a uniquely Australian twist, they aim to be a symbol of what we can achieve

The team hopes you enjoy their products as much as they enjoy producing them and in accordance with the rules of time, they see this as a journey.

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