Highland Park Valknut 700ml

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Yet more Viking things, let s see (while wondering when the Distillery are going to mail empty skulls as free gifts with any purchases)

Colour: pale gold.

Nose: it noses pretty young, with a few notes of mashed potatoes and turnips at first, then more herbal notes, porridge, ale, ginger, and a touch of sherry. Perhaps a little grass smoke as well? Some sourness (those turnips) that may come from young age. Well we won t know for sure since it s a NAS.

Mouth: at first rather rounder than I had expected and, honestly, better. I mean, more to my liking. A smoky pepper, perhaps, fruit peelings, walnuts (hence the name I suppose joking), a touch of burnt caramel, and a clear modern-HP-ness, whatever that means. Something both coastal and mineral.

Finish: rather long, and a little medicinal. Very nice finish, no roughness but it s solid and firm.

Comments: one of the better new NASses, I think. And isn t the name funny, in a world of old rags and bones? (it s not that Viking, S.!)

87 points  - Serge Valentin, whiskyfun.com

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