Coole Swan Irish Cream

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Ten years ago, they set out to make the worlds most delicious tasting cream liqueur. The finest single malt Irish whiskey was selected and blended with real white Belgian chocolate and fresh, natural dairy cream to create an experience that was both smooth and original.

The result was love at first taste and when the name Coole Swan was chosen a new generation of Irish drinks was born.

Coole Swan won countless awards since it broke onto the market. Its been such an incredible journey and its hard to remember where it all began.

Their family comes from a long line of dairy farmers. Many people said it took a lot of courage for the family to blaze a new path. Others said they were just mad. Whatever the case may be, it was the sense of adventure that gave Coole Swan its distinct flair. When they realised they had something unique, they created a bottle to show just how special it was, and when it came time to give the drink a name, it was in WB Yeats who found the inspiration.

Though it often seemed like they were going against the grain, at each step along the way they were simply staying true to the vision. Even so, they never could have predicted that they would wind up where they are today. Coole Swan has taken them on a trip that they never want to end.

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