Cody Road Bourbon Whiskey 750ml

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In 1846, William Buffalo Bill Cody was born in Le Claire, Iowa. On his journey down the road of life, he inspired and entertained many. Cody Road Bourbon is named in his honor.

We put a unique signature on this spirit. You may not know that over 90% of American whiskies are made by 8 distilleries. While they make great whiskies, there are a lot of similarities. We feel craft distilling is at the same point that craft brewing was 15-20 years ago when the market saw only beer and light beer. Then the small guys introduced new and exciting flavours that changed the face of beer in this country. We want to be part of a similar revolution in spirits.

This bourbon is made form a mash of 70% corn from Le Claire, 20% wheat from Reynolds, IL and 10% unmalted barley from Davenport, IA. It is aged for two years in newly charred 30 gallon oak barrels, about half the size of a traditional whiskey barrels at a lower proof than typical.

The difference

Cody Road Bourbon is a flavour and aroma experience unlike any other. Enjoy sweetness of corn, light fruit from wheat and a grassy, nutty finish from the unmalted barley. Vanilla and caramel from the oak dance around the sweet grain. Bottled at 90 proof, this bourbon has enough kick to know it's bourbon, but a beautifully smooth finish.

It is a grain forward whiskey by design, as our whole story here is about the local grain we use in each batch. A remarkably unique flavour with our signature smoothness. This premier bourbon bears William F. Cody's name and it reflects his spirit, charisma and passion for life. Enjoy a stroll down Cody Road today!