Bruichladdich Bere Barley 2008

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Now largely sold out in Europe, this duty free exclusive Bruichladdich revives an ancient strain of barley.

Made with 'Bere' barley grown on Orkney and supplied by the University of the Highlands and Islands’ Agronomy Institute, based at Orkney College in Kirkwall. The two have collaborated with farmers and the Islay distillery to find new markets for the grain. Discoveries of similar ancient grains in the Neolithic village of 'Skara Brae' on Orkney, reach back to the dawn of Scottish agriculture and civilisation more than 4,500 years ago.

Bere produces desperately low yields - 50% less than a modern crop - and the small, starch-rich grains test the mashmen, wreaking havoc with Bruichalddich’s precious Victorian machinery.

This is the 3rd release of its kind from Bruichladdich. Expect a lighter bodied malt but with wonderful purity and texture. 

Tasting note: Brilliant pale gold. Pillowy scents of vanilla wafer, toasted oatmeal and shortbread biscuit; Follows through to a medium bodied yet concentrated peppery profile and a creamy, sponge cake, vanilla, citrus zest finish; Fades lipsmacking, oily yet dry with hints of vanilla and cedarwood in the aftertaste. Echoes Glenmorangie's Tusail: a display of restrained power with the juicy barley showcased. 50% Alc./Vol.

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