Ki No Bi Dry Gin 700ml

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KI NO BI “SEI” is created using the same 11 botanicals as KI NO BI Kyoto Dry Gin and is bottled at 54.5% ABV. It uses a rice spirit base and peerless water sourced in the famous sake–brewing district, Fushimi.

In contrast to the original KI NO BI which has a delicate and gentle profile, KI NO BI SEI has a thicker mouthfeel and full-bodied flavour, which pairs well in cocktails

The name “SEI” has the meaning of “power” in Japanese.

Using a frosted version of the ‘sumi’ bottle, the KI NO BI “SEI” design has again been produced in collaboration with KIRA KARACHO, a Kyoto-based karakami atelier dating back to 1624.

KI NO BI “SEI” Kyoto Dry Gin is created with Japanese botanicals such as yellow yuzu from the north of Kyoto Prefecture, hinoki wood chips (Japanese cypress), bamboo, gyokuro tea from the Uji region and green sanshō (Japanese peppercorn) berries.

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