Local Spirit Pickleback Gin 350ml 37%

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Pickleback Gin! A Dill-Licious Gin to enjoy while you are gherkin from home, best served as cool as a cucumber.

1 pickle in the jar for every 30ml serve. So you can enjoy up to 12 pickleback shots with a pickle per shot.

Tasting Notes:
Juniper forward, with notes of coriander seed and fresh dill. Dill-ightfully briny but heavier on the gin!

Serving Suggestions:
Pickleback, 30ml in a shot glass, pick your pickle from the jar, shot, and crunch!

Pickletini, 60ml, stirred with ice, strain into a chilled martini glass. No vermouth needed this standard serve is filthy on the martini scale.

If that's too cucumbersome try something that's just a bit dirty, 30ml pickleback gin and 30ml of your favourite gin or vodka, stir with ice and strain into a chilled martini glass.
Dont forget to pick your pickle/s from the jar for your garnish! Be sure not to take more than one pickle per shot; more is a crime against pickleback culture and you will have to dill with the cornichonquences (ok that pun was a bit of a stretch..).

Gickle Tonic, serve as strong as you like with your favorite tonic or soda, treat it like a gin and see if it behaves.

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