Winter White Box

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Winter isn't always about the reds and if your looking for a great collection of whites without the stress of looking through them all this is the pack for you.

This pack includes the following

Stone Valley Chardonnay Eden Valley 2017  
Southern Right Sauvignon Blanc Walker Bay South Africa 2014
Keith Brian Riesling Whitlands 2016
Singor Vino Pinot Grigio 2019
Dalton Marsanne McLaren Vale 2017
Zitta unwooded Chardonnay Moppa hill 2014
Maverick Chardonnay Semillion 2015
Dickson Sunset Chardonnay Blackwood Valley 2016
Signor Vino Fiano Riverina 2019 
Corte Soave Verona Italy 2020 
Zuccardi Torontes Salta Argentina 2014
Pioneer Hunter Semillion Hunter Valley 2017 

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