Westward Special Release Sour Dough Whiskey 45% 700ml

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A very limited edition whiskey from Portland's Westward distillery - and what we believe is also a world first - the Sourdough whiskey.

A single malt-focused distillery from Portland, Oregon, Westward have also experimented with a number of grains and mash bills in recent history.

Originally part of the distillery's own in-house 'whiskey club', the launch of Westward American Single Malt "Ken Forkish Sourdough" Whiskey is an expression we've heard rumours of in past years. A collaboration with James Beard Award-winning baker Ken Forkish, it’s certainly Westward's most creative release to date and unlike anything else in the world to our knowledge.

Made from scratch using Pacific Northwest two-row barley and Forkish’s sourdough levain (a form of starter) and fermented in-house for 13 days.

The distillery say it's, "By far the longest and most challenging ferment we’ve achieved to date then double pot distilled to create the most flavorful, fruity unaged whiskey we have ever produced. The new make coming off the still was clean, crisp and full of bright floral aromas and after three years in barrel, it retains those qualities and has added a distinct passion fruit flavor."