Ancient Wisdom Malted Chocolate Whisky 700ml 40%

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Our bewitching blend of Dark Cocoa and whisky, combined with the sweetness of wild bush honey, completely redefines whisky liqueur as we know it.

We travelled the world to source the very best Cocoa paste, cocoa butter and cocoa powder before integrating them into an exceptional drop. This Cocoa is then carefully toasted & moderately alkalised. Resulting Dark Cocoa is then generously added to Whisky oak barrels which are then hand plunged for several months.

With Barrel age, Cocoa flavours develop distinctive earthy and nutty characteristics. Subsequently, the blend is carefully filtered before being redistilled to bring out the mild, rather sweet Dark Chocolate flavour leaving behind the bitter notes.

It has the richest colour, the greatest depth and the most extraordinary flavour, this meticulously handcrafted blend will take your appreciation of whisky cocktail to an entirely new level. 

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