Ancient Wisdom Barrel Aged Gin 700ml 40%

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Ancient Wisdom barrel-aged Gin is the provocative union of over a dozen exotic botanicals, meticulously sourced from around the world that ravish your palate and restore the soul.

Some of our locally sourced botanicals undergo a special cold barrel fermentation treatment, developed in-house before undergoing a time-honored distillation and brewing process. This special technique retains the refined phenolics and raw aromatics leading to a smooth, succulent finish.

Distilled botanicals are then aged in 4-year-old x-Chardonnay Barrels for several months for added texture and to advance the integration of oak tannins with herbal phenolics.

With a hand on heart, I can say that this is an exceptional drop. Combining the very best Australian Botanicals have to offer, we have created the ultimate Gin. This, my friends, is the result. Enjoy the best of both worlds.

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