Blizzard Summit Stout Case 24

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If you're visiting Blizzard Brewing's home in Dinner Plain during the colder months – as most people will be – and find yourself in need of warming from the inside, this is the beer tailor made for such occasions. As big in booze content and bitterness as anything in the brewery's regular lineup and darker than them all, it still manages to come across as bigger than the sum of its parts.

Summit Stout pours close to opaque with a ruby tinge and a deep brown head – always a warning sign that plenty of hearty specialty malts are at play. A dense, smothering chocolate brownie character dominates with a touch of roast at the edges. There's a hint of something fruity and dark rummy too, as if a dark choc orange liqueur has been poured over a slice of rich, dense chocolate cake.

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